About Nerf Parties Leeds

After discovering Nerf through involvement in a Youth development program, the soon to be owner of Nerf Parties Leeds started buying Nerf blasters, modding them and being active in the Britnerf community. 

After realising there were other like-minded people in Yorkshire, Lancashire and around the UK, he and two other Nerfers formed Grim Up Nerf, the first regular not for profit Nerf event in the North of England, which has now grown to a regular attendance of 80 participants each month.

Soon, this new hobby meant that he had enough blasters to arm his entire youth group during activities, and one visiting parent asked if he could run a party for their son. This was such a success that other parents wanted Nerf wars at their parties, and it just kept growing to the point where the owner decided to go part time to focus more energy on Nerf Parties Leeds.

A Nerf Parties Leeds Nerf war is characterised by enthusiastic, authoritative leadership during the event from our GamesMasters, happy, tired Nerfers afterwards and delighted parents throughout! We are also unique because if the owner is present, he uses the event as an opportunity to promote internet safety and responsible online behaviour – being one of the biggest Nerf YouTubers in the UK means that the kids listen to what justajolt has to say, after all!

Go team jolt!

We do not provide compulsory add-ons as part of our service, because we believe that you should only have to pay for what you actually want, and most of our customers just want a good Nerf war at their party or event. We will never raise the prices of our Blast Nerf Wars to match those of our competitors. Whilst we do have a premium party option, due to our roots in community Nerfing, we believe that Nerf should be available to all. We will never start an event without a safety briefing, because we know how important it is that everyone leaves in as good-a-state as they arrived or better!

Nerf Parties Leeds is owned by Nerf YouTuber justajolt. An active member of the community, he is passionate about Nerf and knows how to run an amazing Nerf war. A former full-time mainstream teacher, he knows how to command an audience and keep the activity flowing, whilst maintaining order within the chaos! His passion and enthusiasm comes across in every Nerf war he runs.