Bringing Paintball Power and Airsoft Accuracy at Your Venue!

16 Rival Ballers can enjoy a frantic Nerf Rival Party for one hour for £120, including:

  • A selection of Nerf Rival Nemesis, Artemis and Kronos blasters for all participants
  • Eye protection for all participants
  • Refillable (unlimited) foam high impact ball rounds
  • Pop-up mobstacles to create a dynamic Rival Nerf War arena
  • A Gamesmaster to run your Nerf Rival Party


We also rent equipment for use at Nerf Rival events, Rival Nerf Wars, a Rival Nerf war party or a Rival Nerf gun Birthday party! Rent equipment for 20 guests

including: genuine Rival Nerf blasters, foam balls, safety glasses / eye protection and barricades:


Email or use the contact form on the home page to get a custom quote for your party or event. 

Q. What is a Rival Nerf War?

It’s a Nerf War during which Nerf games are played with Nerf Rival blasters. And we do them!

Q. Who can participate in a Rival Nerf party? Are there any restrictions?

Anyone above the age of 10 who wants to Nerf! In fact, we also offer services for corporate groups, stag parties, hen nights and youth groups.

Q. How much does a Rival Nerf party cost?

We charge £4 per participant per hour for Rival blaster rental, darts and eye protection. A Gamesmaster to run your event and provide mobstacles costs £40 per hour. So, for example, 20 participants for one hour with a Gamesmaster costs:

£4 x 20 participants x 1 hour = £80  PLUS £40 x 1 hour = £40 WHICH EQUALS £120

One and a half hours as above would be £160.

Two hours would be £240.

For outdoor Nerf wars, I do sometimes charge an extra £10 depending on terrain because it’s harder to recover foam balls when there aren’t walls to stop them from flying off over fences or otherwise into the ether of the woods!

Additionally, I charge for travel when venturing far from home!

Q. How does that compare to other providers of Rival Nerf Parties and Rival Nerf Wars in the UK?

Just like regular Nerf wars,  our Rival Nerf Party offering stacks up pretty well! Take a look!

Here’s Mega Blaster World in Kent do Rival Nerf parties and this is their price list!

Xtreme Nerf Combat in Lancashire do Rival Nerf parties corporate events as well as stag dos ad hen nights with Nerf Rival blasters.

Nerf Party in Buckinghamshire also run Rival Nerf parties.

Zorbing Hire has Nerf Rival blasters for hire for use in Nerf Rival Parties.

Finally, the Stockoprt Nerf Centre also came up when I searched for Nerf Rival Parties. It’s worth a shot! Here’s their price list!

Q. How can I book a Nerf Parties Leeds Rival Nerf War?

Click here to use the same form as you normally would for a Nerf Parties Leeds Nerf War or email:

Q. Is there an upper age limit for Nerf Wars and Nerf Games?

Well, let’s put it like this… there are regular Nerf events around the country where grown men play with Nerf blasters, sometimes modified to hit as hard as paintball guns! They’re fantastic communities and you should get in touch with one!

Here’s a video showing the Nerf Rival Artemis being used at one such event!

Q. Wait… why couldn’t I just have a paintball party?

You could! It’s a great option for people who like this sort of thing! So is air-soft. I choose to Nerf simply because I love the fun of that sort of thing and Nerfing means I can do it without having to go to a special arena. You can Nerf anywhere any time!

Q. Is there a way to have the fun of air-soft and paintball through Nerf?

Funny you should ask that! The Nerf Rival line of blasters fire foam balls much further than Nerf blasters, can be easier to load and sit in a perfect place in between the fun of Nerf and the more mature activities of paintball and air-soft, except that you can have a Rival Nerf war anywhere because of their fundamentally harmless nature.

Check out these links to see what the manufactures have to say about them!

And here’s another video showing the whole line!

And here are a bunch of other videos about them:


Q. Where do I find a venue for my Rival Nerf War?

A. Nerf Parties Leeds has run Nerf games and Nerf wars at parties in church halls, community centers, woodland, local parks, back gardens and leisure centers. Here is a list of some venues which party organisers have used in the past:

Yorkshire Nerf Party Venues, Leeds:

St. Peter’s Church Hall, Bramley, Leeds Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

Moorside Community Center, Bramley, Leeds Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

Gildersome Meeting Hall, Leeds Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

Adel Methodist Church, Leeds Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

Lidgett Park Methodist Church, Roundhay Nerf Party and Nerf war venue for Nerf games in North Leeds

Moortown Baptist Church, Roundhay Nerf Party and Nerf war venue for Nerf games in North Leeds, West Yorkshire Nerf venue (also on FaceBook!)

Kirkstall Children’s Center, Leeds Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

St Luke’s Church Hall, Seacroft, Leeds Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue for kids’ Nerf parties in Leeds

Yorkshire Nerf Party Venues, Keighley:

Bingley Methodist Church Hall, Bingley Nerf Party and Nerf war venue for Nerf games near Keighley.

Yorkshire Nerf Party Venues, Wakefield:

Outwood Memorial Hall, Wakefield Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

A1 Football Factory, Knottingley, Wakefield Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue for kids’ Nerf parties in Knottingley. Plus their FaceBook page

Havercroft and Ryhill Sports and Youth Center, Havercroft Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue for kids Nerf parties in Havercroft

Vicar’s Court Hall, Castleford Nerf Party venue and Nerf War Venue for Kids’ Nerf parties in Allerton Bywater

The Brigg, Altofts Nerf Party venue and Nerf War venue for Wakefield Nerf parties near Normanton, West Yorkshire

Yorkshire Nerf Party Venues near Selby

Sherburn in Elmet Scout Hut, South Milford Nerf Party venue and Nerf War Venue for kids’ Nerf parties in Yorkshire. 

South Milford Village Hall, Selby Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue for kids’ nerf parties in Selby

Yorkshire Nerf Party Venues, York and Harrogate:

Sutton Upon Derwent Village Hall, York Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

Bishop Wilton Village Hall, York Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

Easingwold Galtres Centre, Easingwold, York Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue for kids’ Nerf parties in York (Facebook page!)

Stutton Village Hall, Tadcaster, York Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue for Kids’ Nerf parties in York

Ashville Sports Centre, Harrogate Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

Yorkshire Nerf Party Venues, East Ridings:

All Saints Community Center, Hull Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

North Cave Village Hall, East Ridings Nerf Party and Nerf War Venue

Q. Can Nerf wars be run anywhere?

Because of the ease of setting up, your Nerf war can run anywhere where there is enough physical space! See the slide-show below for pictures of Nerf arenas set up in a social club, a community center, an indoor football pitch, church halls, a school playing field, a scout hut, and the grounds of two other community centers. Get in touch to ask for advice and take a look at the Nerf Venues we’ve used in the past (listed above)!

Q. What sort of cover and obstacles do you provide?

A. Your safety is a key element of a fun Nerf Parties Leeds event. Nobody will be having fun if they get taken out of a game due to an unnecessary mishap. For this reason, your arena will be have soft, light, popup mobstacles which won’t hurt if run into by participants. We have around 40 of these! To add atmosphere, your base mobstacles will be covered with camouflage netting (camo netting) to build a fast-past game arena with strategic choke points, cover and bases which are coloured differently (using arctic blue and desert tan netting) to the rest of the field and are easily identifiable.

Q. Can you cater for our large group?

In short, your large group wont be a problem! Your Gamesmasters are used to running large events! Your Nerf War will be organised by people who also run regular Nerf War Grim Up Nerf (attracting up to 100 participants from around the country) and the regular Foam Dart Thunder Nerf War at the Works Skate Park in Leeds (catering for up to 60 Nerfers at a time) and Mags On The Ramps in Halifax. Get in touch and ask about discounts for large groups and longer events!

Q. What are the benefits of having a  Nerf Parties Leeds Nerf Rival War?

If you’re looking for a unique activity to have at your event, Nerf wars are a great way to engage everyone from primary school age to adults. Whilst some people won’t play football or rugby, let alone happily run around a track, put a Nerf blaster in their hand, give them an objective and they’re off!

We play Nerf game modes which encourage communication, teamwork and cooperation. Sprinting to mission objectives, ducking and diving to avoid darts and testing your stamina as zombie hoards home in on you… participating in Nerf games gives you an intrinsically motivating workout without realising it!

You can choose where you Nerf and we’ll run your Nerf war where you are at your venue. We can advise you when selecting a venue for a known group size. Depending on the venue, the games master may choose to use cardboard or pop up mobstacles (movable obstacles used to provide cover) to flesh out your Nerfing arena, at no extra cost to you.

Q. Do I have to organise a Nerf Rival party to fling foam balls?

A. Nope. There are several fantastic not for profit and commercial organisations who run Nerf Wars around the Leeds area. Here are the links for them too:

Grim Up Nerf has been running Nerf Wars in Leeds and Nerf Wars in Bradford since January 2016. They ask for a voluntary donation of £1 for three hours of well run Nerfing (money goes towards darts and other kit to develop new game types) and usually meet on the second Saturday of every month at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints building in Farsley or Tong. They have a YouTube channel. It’s run by Britnerf enthusiasts, one of whom also has his own YouTube channel.

Foam Dart Thunder has been running skate park based Nerf Wars in Scotland for some time now. They’ve made the leap into England and are now running Nerf Wars in Leeds at a skate park called The Works.  Click here for The Works Facebook page.  Click here to buy a ticket for the event.  Tickets cost £10 for a several hour Nerf War in a highly unique venue! There’s a Netmum’s advert too!

I am not your only option! I’ve compiled a list of other providers too!

Q. Could I just organise my own Nerf Rival War?

A. Yes! Yes you could! And here are some ideas to help!

Q. Can you help with Rival Nerf party ideas?

A. Of Course! Nerf party ideas are our speciality! We’ve been to many a kids Nerf party and Nerf birthday party and we’re more than happy to help out to make your event run smoothly!

Check out these links:

Nerf Haven’s thread containing lots of Nerf games and Nerf war ideas

Nerf  games, Nerf war and airsoft ideas thread on instructables.

Nerf games and Nerf war ideas from Bay Area Nerf.

Nerf games and Nerf War Ideas from Nerf War Toronto.

Q. What are Nerf Parties Leeds’ favourite Nerf War Nerf games?

A. Our Nerf wars are tailored to our participants and their needs, wants and ability, but we love running these Nerf games… they’re Nerf war classics:

  1. Free for all – Does what it says on the tin! The games runs for as long as desired, but we use it as an opportunity to make sure all participants know how to fire their blasters!
  2. Blob – When hit, Nerfers drop to one knee with one hand in the air. If another player high fives them, they become part of the same team, and must try to tag and high five other players to build their own team and steal other players! Play ends when all team members are on the same team. This game prepares Nerfers for…
  3. Team Freeze Tag – As above, except players are on teams, and only members of your team can revive you and bring you back to life by high fiving you. The game ends when all players from one team are down and out. GAME UPGRADE – Predator: the field contains one predator… an alien warrior which cannot see, but only hear. It can attack anyone who makes a noise and cannot die.
  4. Flux – Flux points on the ground must be turned over to be claimed by a team. A flux point is a flat object with each side the colour of the two different teams. When hit in this game, players must return directly to their base  with one hand in the air (without stopping to reload or doing anything which might make the other team think they’re still in!) to respawn and say “respawn 1, 2, 3!” whilst touching their base. The game ends when desired by the referee, and the team in control of the most flux points wins. GAME UPGRADE – The field contains one or two androids: players who cannot die, but must be controlled by other players in order to fight. They are controlled via a button in their back, which must be held down and orders must be given verbally. The android may not think for themselves, and only act when told to act.
  5. King of the Hill – One or two timers (chess timers are perfect!) are placed on the field. Teams must press the appropriate button on a timer to accumulate time in control of the timer. When hit, players must respawn as above. At the end of the game, the players with the most time counted up on their timer wins. GAME UPGRADE – Androids as above.
  6. Volleybomb – Several soft bombs are thrown onto the field. Teams must try to get these bombs into their opponent’s base area. They may carry, kick, throw, pass or volley the bomb. When hit, they must drop (not throw) the bomb and respawn as above. The game ends when desired and points are awarded as follows: Bomb in oponent’s base = 3 points; bomb in opponents half of the field = 1 point. Bombs moved after final whistle = -5 points to cheating team. GAME UPGRADE – Androids as above. GAME UPGRADE – Androids as above. Androids can carry bombs, but have to be told to release them.
  7. Humans Vs Zombies – You start with one original zombie (O.Z.) who is unarmed. They are trying to tag other players with their hands to spread the infection. If they do this, the player they tag puts down their blaster and is now a zombie playing by the same rules as the O.Z. If a zombie is hit by a Nerf dart, the stop, put one hand in the air and count, loudly, “1, 2, 3”, during which time they are stunned and may not more or tag other players. Zombies can infect any player at any time by tagging them. Reload when safe to do so. Game ends when their is either one, or no survivors! GAME UPGRADE – When tagged, humans go down on one knee with a hand in the air. If high fived by the O.Z., they become zombies. The humans start with one or two medics. If the medics high five a downed human, the human is healed and plays on as normal. Medics can be infected and turned into zombies.

Q. Are Nerf Rival Guns Dangerous?

In short, yes. As with any activity involving fast moving objects and people such as football, cricket, tennis, golf, running, riding a scooter, cycling or driving, precautions need to be taken to manage risk.

Q. How does Nerf Parties Leeds manage the risks of Nerfing?

At Nerf Parties Leeds, we use stock (unmodified) Nerf Rival blasters. This means that the foam darts fired from them won’t cause the bruising (another word for internal bleeding and swelling!) or welts associated with air soft or paintball.
It doesn’t take an NHS doctor to recognise that being hit in the eye is clearly the major risk in Nerfing. At Nerf Parties Leeds, we insist on eye protection being worn at all times during games and eye protection only being removed between games whilst all blasters are placed on the ground. Having been involved in almost 100 hours of Nerf Wars catering for over 1000 Nerfers, we have found this to be the best way to avoid accidents.
Nerf Parties Leeds Nerf Wars are run by an experienced Nerf Gamesmaster, who is great at directing play and directing participant enthusiasm. An experienced mainstream teacher, he identifies challenging or high risk kids quickly and shuts down dangerous behaviour almost before it surfaces. As a former ski instructor, he knows safety comes first and ensures fun whilst maintaining a safe field of play.
Finally, at Nerf Parties Leeds, we only use soft, pop-up mobstacles. Kids don’t always look where they’re going, so it’s important that if they run into a mobstacle, it is softer than them! It is next to impossible to injure yourself by running into our mobstacles! Additionally, we don’t allow participants to be inside the mobstacles at time of play, as this may lead to kids tripping over each other!

Q. Is there any way I can completely remove the risk from my kids’ party?

Nerf Parties Leeds also offers the option of “Snowball Wars”. Like Nerf wars but with artificial snow balls which you’d struggle to break an egg with but are a heck of a lot of fun. Just ask!

Q. Isn’t that risky too?

It’s about as risky as a bubble-wrap party. If you’re serious, we’ll run one of those for you too.

Q. This “Gamesmaster”… does he know what he’s doing?

You be the judge!

Our Gamesmaster organises a monthly community Nerf event attracting up to 100 people from all over the country, regular commercial Nerf events at The Works Skatepark in Leeds and Mags On The Ramps in Halifax, runs a Nerf YouTube channel and has a substantial collection of Nerf blasters and attachments.

He has been involved in running over 70 Nerf events, serving well over 1600 Nerfers during over 130 hours of Nerf Wars.

He has run Nerf Wars in around 40 different venues around North, West and South Yorkshire, not to mention one on the Isle of Wight, both indoors and outdoors for private parties, school holiday clubs, corporate groups, commercial Nerf events and not for profit Nerf events.

Feedback from his events on Facebook and Netmums highlight his organisation and control whilst running Nerf wars (not surprising considering his experience as a mainstream classroom teacher!) as well as his infectious enthusiasm.