Are Nerf Guns Dangerous?

Are Nerf Guns Dangerous?
In short, yes. As with any activity involving fast moving objects and people such as football, cricket, tennis, golf, running, riding a scooter, cycling or driving, precautions need to be taken to manage risk.
How does Nerf Parties Leeds manage the risks of Nerfing?
At Nerf Parties Leeds, we use stock (unmodified) Nerf blasters. This means that the foam darts fired from them won’t cause the bruising (another word for internal bleeding and swelling!) or welts associated with air soft or paintball.
It doesn’t take an NHS doctor to recognise that being hit in the eye is clearly the major risk in Nerfing. At Nerf Parties Leeds, we insist on eye protection being worn at all times during games and eye protection only being removed between games whilst all blasters are placed on the ground. Having been involved in almost 100 hours of Nerf Wars catering for over 1000 Nerfers, we have found this to be the best way to avoid accidents.
At Nerf Parties Leeds, we use either stock Nerf darts, or third party darts generally accepted by the Nerfing community as safe. This means we avoid cheap, hard-tipped “Full Vinyl Jacket” darts, a variant shunned by much of the Nerfing community. Third party darts regarded as safe by the Nerfing community include “Koosh”, “Waffle”, “Accufake” and “X-shot”. Our dart pool is composed only of safe darts such as these and stock Nerf Elite and Accustrike darts.
Nerf Parties Leeds Nerf Wars are run by an experienced Nerf Gamesmaster, who is great at directing play and directing participant enthusiasm. An experienced mainstream teacher, he identifies challenging or high risk kids quickly and shuts down dangerous behaviour almost before it surfaces. As a former ski instructor, he knows safety comes first and ensures fun whilst maintaining a safe field of play.
Finally, at Nerf Parties Leeds, we only use soft, pop-up mobstacles. Kids don’t always look where they’re going, so it’s important that if they run into a mobstacle, it is softer than them! It is next to impossible to injure yourself by running into our mobstacles! Additionally, we don’t allow participants to be inside the mobstacles at time of play, as this may lead to kids tripping over each other!
Is there any way I can completely remove the risk from my kids’ party?
Nerf Parties Leeds also offers the option of “Snowball Wars”. Like Nerf wars but with artificial snow balls which you’d struggle to break an egg with but are a heck of a lot of fun. Just ask!
Isn’t that risky too?
It’s about as risky as a bubble-wrap party. If you’re serious, we’ll run one of those for you too.