Your Nerf War Party

Want something special at your birthday party?

Here’s how it works:

Nerf Parties Leeds set up mobstacles, kit out your guests with blasters, darts, safety glasses and team vests and run a Nerf war at your venueClick here for a helpful list of venues we’ve Nerfed at in the past.

Meanwhile, you can join in, prepare food, or sit back and relax while the Nerf war party action takes place.

Our Gamesmasters provide a full, fun, engaging safety briefing followed by tried and tested Nerf games, which are always a hit at Nerf wars:

  • Free For All
  • Blob
  • Freeze Tag
  • Volleybomb
  • King of The Hill
  • Humans Versus Zombies (Infection)

The list above isn’t exhaustive and you’ll get games tailored to suit your guests age, experience, ability and mood to craft an unforgettable Nerfing experience.

Click here to see how we play these games and more!


You’ll also get a free blaster for the birthday child with Nerf Wars of a value over £65 as a momento to remember their day. You’ll also get built in photo opportunities to take advantage of during the safety briefing!


  • For £10 the birthday child will be able to select any top tier Nerf blaster of their choice from any current Nerf line to use and enjoy for the duration of the Nerf war, complete with batteries and appropriate ammo if needed.
  • For £20, a mobile radio controlled Nerf gun turret called the Nerf Elite TerraScout will be available for you to use and enjoy throughout your Nerf war.

Three Types of Nerf War to Choose From!

Blast Nerf Wars are what we’ve been doing right from the start. We supply gear as above, including popular, Nerf War-practical, front-loading Nerf blaster favourites such as the Elite Strongarm, Rebelle Angel Fire, Rebelle Super Stripes and N-Strike Maverick; the blasters everyone thinks of when they think of Nerf! These blasters are easy to load, easy to operate and ensure a smooth, fun Nerf war experience with easy reloading ensuring fast, dynamic play throughout every Nerf game. Easy-to-prime blasters can be supplied for smaller hands, as well as incredibly throwable snowballs for very small hands so that everyone can take part! These work out at £80 per hour of Nerf war for 20 participants, but we charge per person per hour so you’re not getting less than you pay for!

Rival Nerf Wars are available for those aged 12+. Nerf Rival blasters are like paintball guns, but with less pain and less mess! They’re safe to use indoors and provide a happy medium between the thrills of paintball and the harmless fun of Nerf. This costs an extra £4 per hour per participant, working out at £160 per hour for 20 participants, but, again, we charge per person per hour so you’re not getting less than you pay for!

Finally, Premium Nerf Wars include the latest Top tier Nerf blasters for every participant for the duration of the Nerf war is charged at an extra £6 per participant per hour, but is a unique offering amongst Nerf war providers in the North of England. This premium Nerf war package allows more free play to allow participants to enjoy and experience any of the latest blasters they choose. 20 participants can Nerf with the latest in Nerfing technology for £160 per hour, but customised quotes are available on request.