Nerf Wars At Your Event

Youth group looking for something different which wont break the budget?

Summer activity organiser looking something unique?

A mobile Nerf War can make a great addition to any event!

Nerf Parties Leeds provides Nerf War services to corporate groups, youth organisations and summer clubs around the Leeds area.

What are the benefits of having a Nerf Parties Leeds Nerf War?

If you’re looking for a unique activity to have at your event, Nerf wars are a great way to engage everyone from primary school age to adults. Whilst some people won’t play football or rugby, let alone happily run around a track, put a Nerf blaster in their hand, give them an objective and they’re off!

We play Nerf game modes which encourage communication, teamwork and cooperation. Sprinting to mission objectives, ducking and diving to avoid darts and testing your stamina as zombie hoards home in on you… participating in Nerf games gives you an intrinsically motivating workout without realising it!

You can choose where you Nerf and we’ll run your Nerf war where you are at your venue. We can advise you when selecting a venue for a known group size. Depending on the venue, the games master may choose to use cardboard or pop up mobstacles (movable obstacles used to provide cover) to flesh out your Nerfing arena, at no extra cost to you.

What sorts of Nerf War do you do?

We run several, and a target range activity!

  1. Blast Nerf Wars are the classic Nerf war for everyone, involving team games in a Nerf arena with Nerf War-practical, front-loading Nerf blasters.
  2. Rival Nerf Wars combine the fun of paintball with the harmless, play-anywhere nature of foam darts for older Nerfers who like their foam to hit a little harder! Rival Nerf Wars are available to participants ages 12+. It’s basically paintball with less pain, less mess and more Nerf!
  3. Premium Nerf Wars allow participants to get their hands on the latest Nerf technology and experience the fun of flinging foam from a wide selection of top-tier Nerf blasters.
  4. The Nerf Parties Leeds Target Range is complete with a variety of spinning and moving targets for anyone to fling foam at from a wide array of blasters. It’s perfect for summer fetes, garden parties or an end of term treat!

Can you cater for large groups?

Our Gamesmasters also run regular Nerf War Grim Up Nerf (attracting up to 100 participants from around the country) and the regular Foam Dart Thunder Nerf War at the Works Skate Park in Leeds (catering for up to 60 Nerfers at a time). In short, we’re used to running large events!

Who will run my Nerf War?

Our Gamesmaster has run over 100 hours of Nerf wars spanning more than 60 Nerf events, including summer schools, youth activities and corporate events, serving nearly 1500 participants. As an experienced classroom teacher with prior experience as ski instructor and holiday club PE teacher, he knows how to direct participants’ enthusiasm to deliver a fun but well organised blast! He currently organises a monthly community Nerf event, a regular commercial Nerf event at The Works Skatepark in Leeds as well as private Nerf Wars. Feedback from his events on Netmums and Facebook highlight his organisation and control whilst running Nerf wars (not surprising considering his experience as a mainstream classroom teacher!) as well as his infectious enthusiasm. He also runs a Nerf YouTube channel, so he knows Nerf too!

How much do your services cost?

See our prices page, but get in touch to ask about prices for large groups over several hours and see what we can offer!

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