Premium Nerf Gun Party – £150 per hour

With a massive choice of blasters to play with, a Premium Nerf Gun Party is an unforgettable Nerfing experience! This is a unique offering amongst Nerf war providers in the North of England. The emphasis here is on Nerfers  enjoying and experiencing the fun that such an array of blasters offers and being able to have fun Nerfing in their way!

A Premium Nerf War includes:

  • A choice of Top-Tier Nerf blasters (some of which are pictured above, but we have a massive collection so can’t picture them all) for all your guests such as the Nerf Mega Twinshock, Doomlands Judge, Nerf Accustrike Raptor Strike, Nerf Zombie Strike Scravenger (video of this blaster below) and Nerf Rebelle Fearless Fire
  • Appropriate ammo for each blaster
  • A Nerf TerraScout to use for the duration of your Nerf War
  • Eye protection
  • Pop-up barricades
  • Gamesmaster to run your Nerf games
  • A free gift blaster for the birthday child

We charge a flat rate for these parties

1 hour = £150

1.5 hours = £200

2 hours = £250


Nerf Elite TerraScout is yours to use for FREE for the duration of the Nerf War!

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