What are the benefits of having a Nerf Parties Leeds Nerf War?

If you’re looking for a unique activity to have at your event, Nerf wars are a great way to engage everyone from primary school age to adults. Whilst some people won’t play football or rugby, let alone happily run around a track, put a Nerf blaster in their hand, give them an objective and they’re off!

We play Nerf game modes which encourage communication, teamwork and cooperation. Sprinting to mission objectives, ducking and diving to avoid darts and testing your stamina as zombie hoards home in on you… participating in Nerf games gives you an intrinsically motivating workout without realising it!

You can choose where you Nerf and we’ll run your Nerf war where you are at your venue. We can advise you when selecting a venue for a known group size. Depending on the venue, the games master will use pop up mobstacles (movable obstacles used to provide cover) to flesh out your Nerfing arena, at no extra cost to you.