What sort of Nerf War game modes do you play?

Our Nerf wars are tailored to our participants and their needs, wants and ability, but we love running these Nerf war classics:

  1. Free for all – Does what it says on the tin! The games runs for as long as desired, but we use it as an opportunity to make sure all participants know how to fire their blasters!
  2. Blob – When hit, Nerfers drop to one knee with one hand in the air. If another player high fives them, they become part of the same team, and must try to tag and high five other players to build their own team and steal other players! Play ends when all team members are on the same team. This game prepares Nerfers for…
  3. Team Freeze Tag – As above, except players are on teams, and only members of your team can revive you and bring you back to life by high fiving you. The game ends when all players from one team are down and out. GAME UPGRADE – Predator: the field contains one predator… an alien warrior which cannot see, but only hear. It can attack anyone who makes a noise and cannot die.
  4. Flux – Flux points on the ground must be turned over to be claimed by a team. A flux point is a flat object with each side the colour of the two different teams. When hit in this game, players must return directly to their base  with one hand in the air (without stopping to reload or doing anything which might make the other team think they’re still in!) to respawn and say “respawn 1, 2, 3!” whilst touching their base. The game ends when desired by the referee, and the team in control of the most flux points wins. GAME UPGRADE – The field contains one or two androids: players who cannot die, but must be controlled by other players in order to fight. They are controlled via a button in their back, which must be held down and orders must be given verbally. The android may not think for themselves, and only act when told to act.
  5. King of the Hill – One or two timers (chess timers are perfect!) are placed on the field. Teams must press the appropriate button on a timer to accumulate time in control of the timer. When hit, players must respawn as above. At the end of the game, the players with the most time counted up on their timer wins. GAME UPGRADE – Androids as above.
  6. Volleybomb – Several soft bombs are thrown onto the field. Teams must try to get these bombs into their opponent’s base area. They may carry, kick, throw, pass or volley the bomb. When hit, they must drop (not throw) the bomb and respawn as above. The game ends when desired and points are awarded as follows: Bomb in oponent’s base = 3 points; bomb in opponents half of the field = 1 point. Bombs moved after final whistle = -5 points to cheating team. GAME UPGRADE – Androids as above. GAME UPGRADE – Androids as above. Androids can carry bombs, but have to be told to release them.
  7. Humans Vs Zombies – You start with one original zombie (O.Z.) who is unarmed. They are trying to tag other players with their hands to spread the infection. If they do this, the player they tag puts down their blaster and is now a zombie playing by the same rules as the O.Z. If a zombie is hit by a Nerf dart, the stop, put one hand in the air and count, loudly, “1, 2, 3”, during which time they are stunned and may not more or tag other players. Zombies can infect any player at any time by tagging them. Reload when safe to do so. Game ends when their is either one, or no survivors! GAME UPGRADE – When tagged, humans go down on one knee with a hand in the air. If high fived by the O.Z., they become zombies. The humans start with one or two medics. If the medics high five a downed human, the human is healed and plays on as normal. Medics can be infected and turned into zombies.